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Viera’s Bakery Butter/Sugar Cookies

So, I’ve been waiting a long time to write this post. Having in mind all these things I want to share. 

As we’ve been in business for about 9 months in Yakima, I’ve yet to find some larger quantity recipes that we can use. Since I know most people that make cookies always need to figure it out themselves. I thought I’d post a few that you can make larger or smaller based on what you need at the time. Since we have started our cookie decorating classes & sell our blank cookies for our customers to decorate also, we make cookies by the 30-50 lb batch. 600+ Cookies or more at a time. We love this recipe, as it holds up really well in the freezer, cooler, & on the shelf. If you use royal or buttercream icing on them, it really holds in the softness. We have been using this recipe in our other 2 family locations for over 15 years & we love it!!  We also use this for our sandwich cookies that are filled with dulce de leche (carmel), raspberry, & lemon. They taste amazing! Remember I’ve cute this recipe down & down & down, maybe 5 times or more. It still makes a bit much for a small kitchen aid, so I’d probably still cut it in 1/2 again. 

Viera’s Bakery Butter/Sugar Cookie 

Large Batch

1lb Butter-Softened

1lb Shortening 

Mix/Beat 3+ Min

1lb Flour

1lb Powdered Sugar

2lb Pastry Flour

5 Medium eggs

Small Batch

1/2lb Butter-Softened

1/2lb Shortening 

Mix/Beat 3+ Min

1/2lb Flour

1/2lb Powdered Sugar

1lb Pastry Flour

2 Large eggs

Mix for 3+ Minutes

Roll Out onto floured surface, cut out shapes, place on parchment papered cookie sheet. Bake at 350• for 12 minutes. Let cool & frost!!

Our Butter/Sugar Cookie Recipe

Our Butter/Sugar Cookie Recipe